If I started an economy on Mars, I’d use Rubix (Hey @Elon!)

Let’s position this article in times of uncertainty. It’s May 2022 and articles such as these are hitting the headlines:

I won’t go into the details for each of the news headlines, but simply, we are in a time where some business models are being tested, and being revealed for being highly overinflated or just completely misunderstood by investors. Sadly, all investors are impacted which has meant everyday investors are seeing the losses and feeling uneasy about their financial situation.

In times of uncertainty there are two big things we hold onto;

  1. The vision of a future where we want to be; and
  2. Our communities, families and those around us.

These are grass roots focusses, where sustainability becomes so important.

Businesses, let’s start with looking after each other

Rubix is local. Just because we are building for many communities across the world, it doesn’t change the fact that we want to be there for the local coffee shops, the local restaurants, the local businesses to engage with the people around them.

Instead of spending thousands to line the pockets of Meta (Facebook or Instagram) for marketing campaigns, why wouldn’t a business want to line the pockets of the locals who can act as micro-influencers among their own networks?

We are providing a framework for users to earn by turning up, fulfilling needs for brands they use every day.

We are amplifying existing customers so that they can become part of a brand’s existing marketing engine. Using Web 3.0 incentives as a reason to turn up.

All with simple, Web 2.0 style ease of use.

Users, we know times can get tough

Our mission is to create earning opportunities. Lot’s of them. Enough for someone’s attention to shift from mindless scrolling to searching for monetisable value to add.

When uncertainty hits, certain business models have been proven to see demand — for a reason.

Uber was founded just after 2008 — which launched the ‘Gig Economy’ as a concept (even in developed markets — now more than 10% of Americans cite gig work as their main source of income). More people turn to second and third jobs to earn just a little bit more for their families.

Groupon was also in growth mode in 2008, offering discounts to individuals and driving traffic to businesses. In their time, they were a breakthrough way for merchants to reach new users.

These platforms brought in additional income, or reduced costs for families to get by.

This is our guiding light for users. We look at Community Earnings as our #1 KPI.

Mars would need a sustainable model

I joke a bit about Mars, but I like it because at Rubix we are reimagining how a business interacts with their customers in a simple way that removes reliance on Web 2.0 incumbents (across advertising, engagement and payments).

In that respect we could be the earning and value transfer system on Mars once Elon gets enough people up there.

But back on earth we are pushing forward with our plans no matter what happens to the NASDAQ, or LUNA, or BTC.

Unlike Play to Earn, we are positioning ourselves as a utility platform that replaces current fiat spending across many market segments. By focussing on earning, and specifically Community Earning, we bring focus to our team and the builders who build with us.

We use tokens to incentivise, yes, but in a way so that what we build as a community has tangible, and economic value to others.

Until we get to Mars, let’s start a bit more local. Let’s start at the neighbourhood Filipino, Thai, Indian, Italian or French restaurant and go from there.


If you want to join us on our mission to build a global earning network. Reach out to one of us personally via LinkedIn below, or email at hello@rubixlife.io.



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James Abbott (The P80 Project & Rubix)

James Abbott (The P80 Project & Rubix)

L1 Contributor at Rubix Communities. Ex-COO and CPO. Fan of simple experiences, payments and the future of personal finance.